Alumni Directory and Other Reports

Thank you for visiting the alumni directory. Directory information is only for use of Tax Division alumni and current Tax Division personnel for purposes of continuing and enhancing the community they share through the Tax Division of the Department of Justice. If you do not qualify for use but have a special need, please contact Jack Townsend to discuss your need and obtain permission before you use this information.

DOJ Directory (with contact information, alumni by city and state, and alumni by tax division section, here.

To update your information in the directory or, if you are not currently listed, and desire to be listed, please fill out the by pdf form by downloading it from here and, after downloading it, fill out the form and return it by clicking the submit button on the upper right hand side of the form (this will generate an email that you can send).  If for any reason it does not work, please email me the information requested in the form.  My email address is